Today I am GRATEFUL for:

2014-08-02My beautiful friends. This one is Gilli, who has been a very special part of my life for about ten years now. I am so very grateful that God brought us together. You don’t know how important you are to me. I love you dearly.

Technology. I have been going through old photographs that I have on my computer. It’s very nice that when they were stored electronically they have the date and time they were taken which is a big help in organizing them. I do get sidetracked though when I start looking through them. They bring back a lot of great memories, and even some sad ones, but each one is precious. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Learning new things. I am going through class schedules for the fall semester at UNF trying to decide what I want to take. Now that I am physically doing better there are a couple of art classes I would like to take again. But my number one choice, which right now is Digital Photography, I have not taken before. Here’s praying there is a space available.

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