Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Praise G!ratitude and Joy

My sweet Mamma

Today’s rain.  Cooled things down a little and the grass really needed it.

Our walk this morning.  I haven’t walked for days due to the migraine I have had, but I forced myself to go anyway.  Didn’t even make a mile.  Oh well, I did start very late and the heat was already pretty unbearable.  I’ll have to try to make it earlier tomorrow.  I worry about Molly’s paws on hot concrete.

Progress on my organizing project.  Today I took several boxes and a few bags of clothes and stuff to the thrift store.

I’m probably about half way through things now.  Tons taken to Heather’s house last week.  Feels good to be accomplishing this.  I’ve thought a lot about how it got so overwhelming, then I realized that as the only girl I inherited all my mothers stuff, and all my daddy’s mothers stuff and even some of my mother’s mother’s stuff.  Add to that 50+ years of my stuff and you got a lot of “stuff”.

Just going through the kitchen I realized I had at least duplicates, if not triplicates of everything.  Some things even more.  It’s hard when someone you love dies and you have to go through and part with things that belonged to them.  However, if you don’t get to the point of being able to let go of these things, you can stay buried in the past and under a cloud for the rest of your life.  The chaos and confusion of so much stuff can also affect your relationships with others and with God.

Even though I am not finished, just making progress is up lifting, and I don’t think Mom or my Grandmothers would mind.  Later today or tomorrow I will try to write a blurb about the app that is helping me to accomplish all this organization.

Wish me luck as I continue on this journey to a simpler, clutter free existence.  Thank you God for helping me see my way past the chaos to what can be.  Without you I would not be able to do any of this.

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