Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Praise Gratitude and JoyDiscernment. Sometimes it seems impossible to ignore those nagging little thoughts that roar around in our brains. Thoughts of doubt, anger, bitterness, conceit, frustration, intolerance, impatience – the list goes on and on. We all have them. You know the kind of thoughts I mean. The ones that immediately rob you of all joy and separate you from Him. I am finally learning that these thoughts all come from Satan.

When they come, I need to learn to hold these thoughts up next to the Word of God to discern the truth from the lies. The Word is our rule book. It’s how we can always know what is the right move to make next.

I just read Matthew 4:1-11. Each time Satan tempted Jesus it was the Word that proved him a liar. I especially like verse 11…”Then the devil left Him, and angels came and attended Him.”

Satan will always be exposed as a liar, and he must flee. Then God’s truth will carry us forward in victory.

Old gospel hymns. I love listening to these when Molly and I go on our walks.

Red-headed woodpeckers. There was a huge one in a tree in the back yard this morning. He had a very neat song. At least I think it was him that was singing. He seemed very happy.

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