Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Praise Gratitude & Joy!Road signs. I really do take these for granted. I bet I have seen this particular road sign; not one just like it, but this particular one; thousands of times throughout my life. It is on a street that turns off of what was a major busy road in our neighborhood growing up. This morning when I walked with Molly I decided to take a familiar route long ago abandoned because the destination it led to is no longer on my radar, and there it was.

When we were kids, we spent every day of summer vacation at the neighborhood civic center. We swam and played from the time it opened until we had to be home for dinner. It was a special place full of friends, alliances, enemies, drama, excitement, and after they quit being “gross”, boys. Great nostalgic walk.

Anyway….back to the road signs. I don’t believe I ever walked down the road with the dead end sign. There was nothing there for me. The sign said it all. No need to travel this path, you will just get stuck at the end with no choices of where to go next. I know I never appreciated the fact that the sign was there, it just was.

My life has been like that at multiple points. I’ve often taken the road signs for granted or ignored them altogether. I think God always places road signs along our path. Stop, go, no right turn, caution and yes even dead end. It’s funny how often we are not watching for those signs. I sometimes wonder how much pain could have been avoided, how many blessings He had planned for me I might have experienced had I just kept my eyes and my heart on the road signs He placed for me.

Open my eyes Lord, show me your signs and lead me into what you have planned for me next. This time I’m watching!

Air conditioning. Man it is hot out there today. I don’t remember the heat affecting me like this when I was younger, but it is brutal. I am so spoiled. When we were kids we did not have air conditioning. Thank you God for air conditioning!

My sweet friend, Debbie. Every day when I walk, I go past her house and remember the thousands of hours playing together. We are still friends after all these years. I treasure that. This week she went back to work after a much deserved summer vacation. She has been an elementary school teacher forever! Retired from one school district but could not stay away and has been teaching across the river in a different county for at least three, maybe four years. I think she is amazing. I love you girlfriend.

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