Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Praise Gratitude & Joy

United States Army Major General Harold J. Greene. This Army Officer represents hundreds of thousands of brave men and women who have sacrificed for our country, to keep us free. Thank you all for standing up and serving with honor. You and your families are greatly appreciated.

The sound of a baby laughing. I love it when people share videos of babies having a grand time. They can find pure joy in the smallest things. By the time we reach my age that wonder has been long-buried under years of living and surviving in this crazy world.

Yesterday I saw a video on YouTube of twin toddlers standing in front of a kitchen cabinet with two doors. Each door had a small round knob and each toddler had a large rubber band. They entertained themselves for quite some time putting those rubber bands on the knobs, pulling them tight and letting them go. Each release brought squeals of laughter and I found it contagious. Thank you for sweet, sweet innocent babies.

Enjoy Video

Dishwashers. When I was a kid the dishes were mine and my older brothers’ responsibility. After every dinner the table had to be cleared, dishes washed, dried and put away. Since I am still fighting a migraine it was nice to go into the kitchen, drop a pod into the soap dispenser, hit start and forget about it. Thank you Josephine Cochran. You rock!

Read about Josephine Cochran here.

PRAYER Heavenly Father please, please protect those innocent babies whose families are being persecuted in the Middle East and each and every service member and their families who are currently serving around the world. Thank you especially for those families that I know personally who sacrifice so much every day. Cecelia and Sabrina, Nina, Shelly and Brooke.

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