Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Letting go. Sounds like a simple thing to do, but when I can’t or won’t it can be one of the biggest obstacles to peace in my life. When my feelings are hurt, especially by a friend, I can display resentment, aggravation and anger for a very long time. More often I am just non-communicative. Often the person who hurt me has no idea why there is suddenly something wrong between us. This is because I am very bad about expressing my feelings.

I’ve been carrying around hurt feelings for several months now about something a friend said to me and realize that I have let this rob me of many hours of joy. It’s kind of a naggy little voice in the back of my mind that feeds on the negativity. I don’t like that feeling. Today I am determined to let go of this anger and resentment once and for all and do what I can to restore the friendship that was hurt by possibly an off handed remark that perhaps I took the wrong way.

Neighbors. My next door neighbor’s aunt comes to her house every couple of weeks to mow the lawn. She got locked out of the house and came over to ask if she could use the bathroom. We had a lovely chat and got to know each other better. A pleasant break from today’s household chores.

Praise Gratitude & Joy!Ice. Sounds crazy I am sure, but I was thinking how much better my knee feels after twenty or twenty five minutes with an ice pack on it after our walks. Still recovering from a total knee replacement and I would not be doing as well as I am without ice.

Dear God, you know how stubborn I can be. Forgive me for milking the issue with the hurt feelings by pulling others into my drama. Thank you for showing me today how I have let this perceived slight get in the way of my personal relationships and my walk with You. Amen.

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