Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Praise Gratitude Joy

Mrs. Raven and Mrs. Foley. Mrs. Raven was my first grade teacher. She was a wonderful lady that I absolutely adored. She is the reason I always wanted to be a teacher. I think what I am most grateful to Mrs. Raven for is that she instilled in me a deep love of reading which still exists today.

I also remember in Mrs. Foley’s class in 6th grade that she was particularly encouraging about my reading, letting me work my way through everything I could get my hands on to read. I think I read every biography in our school library. I loved learning about people from long ago. I was fascinated by how different their lives were and how many things they overcame to become the amazing people they were when they grew up. Thanks for all the teachers throughout the years that taught me things I needed to know.

Banfield Animal Hospital Molly had her annual checkup today including blood work, vaccinations and a thorough teeth cleaning. Rough day for her. I just love the entire staff at Banfield. The front desk people, the nurses and the vets are all super nice. I feel very comfortable when they are taking care of my sweet Molly. They are very gentle with her and help keep her calm and quiet no matter what’s going on around her.

My Grandmother Johnson’s roasting pan. Again, it has proven that there is something magical about that pan. Really, really good pulled pork that slow cooked (300 degrees) for four+ hours with my special blend “Rub”. Yummy..thank you Grandma.

Thank you Father for another day of growing closer to you through Praise and Gratitude. My Joy is growing every day. Thank you God for all the wonderful teachers you placed in my life through all the years, across all the miles as we moved from state to state.

Thank you for people who have a special place in their hearts for your animals. The vets and staff who care for our “other” family members are very special indeed. Bless them. And please Father, help Molly to feel better.

Thank you that I had such a wonderful Grandmother. She loved me unconditionally and was a very special part of my life. I miss her very much, but I am oh so very thankful for her roasting pan to bring her right back into my kitchen every time I use it.

I love you. Thank you for my life.


2 responses to “Today I am GRATEFUL for:

  1. I like your posts.


    • Thanks Janice. You should start blogging about what you are doing with the turtles. I know I would enjoy reading about it. I would love it if you would hit the follow button on the blog page so you get the posts every day. Facebook has been a little unreliable about the post showing up.


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