Today I am GRATEUL for:

2014-08-15-3Nature. I am constantly amazed at the beauty that is around us. I don’t think there really is a need to say much more. My God is an AWESOME GOD.

This is a rose from a bush I bought for my Mom a month before she died. I love this rose bush. Hospice cared for her here at the house and we set up a hospital bed in the family room so she could be with us all the time. She really liked that. I planted the rose bush straight in line with the window so she could see it whenever she wanted. It always makes me smile when I remember her. I miss you Mom.

2014-08-15-4Farmer’s Markets. Heading out to Riverside Art’s Market first thing in the morning to visit the Farmer’s Market there. Need some fresh peppers and some berries. Isn’t it wonderful that we can go to a place like this and get fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. I even bought a side of beef here, grass fed cows. Amazing meat.

Makes me think about my bible study this morning talking about God supplying all our needs. No need to worry, He provides.

Sushi. Well not really sushi, it’s more about having had lunch today with my really good friend Gilli. After sharing scrumptious Sakura sushi rolls and great girl talk, we drove across the river to visit another friend’s nursery. It was nice walking around looking at all the flowers and watching the hummingbirds chase each other. Thanks for showing us around Logan. Amazing place. We will be back when the rain isn’t chasing us away.

All in all it was a very good day.


Thank you so much Lord that I have regained enough strength that I was able to just enjoy a wonderful, beautiful time with friends, sharing your bounty and beautiful creations. You are an AWESOME God!

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