Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Afternoon naps. Refreshing!

Michelangelo-PietaMichelangelo. What an amazing man. I took my first Lifelong Learner class in the Spring. It was an entire semester studying just this one great artist. I had never taken a class like this. I studied him a little in my Art History Survey classes, and again while in Rome and Florence in my study abroad, but this was an entire semester devoted to just this one man. I learned so much more about him than just his art. I also learned a lot about myself while studying him, but that’s a story for another day.

Tablets/Electronic Readers. As my vision worsens it is getting harder and harder to read an actual book. You remember those don’t you? Printed on paper, some with hard bound covers, some with just paper. I miss being able to curl up with a good book, but the iPad is quickly becoming my new best friend.

2014-08-16-1I have never had very good vision. As you can see by this picture I was the “geek in the glasses” very early on. I tried contacts back in the 70’s, long before soft lenses, and almost blinded myself. It got to where I needed four different pairs of glasses. One for distance, one for reading and one for computer work. Then I had to have the prescription sunglasses for driving.

About 15 years ago I decided to have LASIK surgery. It was absolutely amazing. For the first time in my life I could actually see. I could look at a tree in the yard and see individual leaves, not just a glob of green. Driving was so much easier and more comfortable. I still had to wear reading glasses but my distance vision was better than perfect.

A few years ago I began having trouble seeing the TV. I dreaded reading, which was pretty bad considering I was in my junior year of college. My art suffered as well. Things just don’t come out right when you can’t see what you are working on. I apologize to the models in figure drawing class as what I drew didn’t look very good. I couldn’t enjoy going anywhere because I couldn’t read the signs or a map to find my way.

I ignored it for a while, but as it worsened I knew I had to get it checked out. Turns out I had developed some pretty nasty cataracts on both eyes. Only solution was surgery, which I did. I expected to go back to the perfect vision I had after the LASIK, not back to the pre LASIK blurriness and four pairs of prescription glasses, but here we are.

As my vision continues to worsen, even with prescription glasses, I cannot make out the words on the page in a regular book. Read a map or street signs, forget about it. Here is where my thankfulness for electronic readers comes in. I can download the electronic copy of a book, open it in the reader on my iPad and increase the font to whatever I need. Amazing, isn’t it?

I am sure there is a great analogy in here with God’s path for my life. I may not express this very well, but I feel like for the first time in a really long time I can see now where he wants me to go. I can see the signs and read the map and it is all very clear – 20/20 again.


Thank you Lord for the gift of sight, physical sight as well as spiritual sight. Thank you for continuing to bring me into focus. Thank you for providing tools that allow me to read your word and all the wonderful books that are available to help me on my spiritual journey.

Thank you God for amazing artists, and knowledgable professors that teach us about these great artists, their lives, the good and the bad, their struggles and accomplishments. There is much we can learn from them.

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