Today I am GRATEFUL for:

IMG_1768Communion. It was a pleasant surprise that they had communion at church this morning. I love that quiet reflective time to focus specifically on what Christ gave for me. His body and His blood. Communion always brings it into focus. It’s always there, but the act of concentrating on what the bread and the wine stand for always fill me with awe. He gave His life for me. That’s a pretty amazing thought. Luke 22:17-20; 1 Corinthians 11:26

Pam. Pam is the instructor at my YMCA that teaches the Aqua Arthritis class. This class is so helpful for my joints. I am really glad she is there at 8:00 in the morning to walk us through the exercises that work each and every joint in our bodies. I started this class to build up myself prior to the knee replacement and kept going after the surgery for rehabilitation. I think it has made all the difference in my recovery.

Dr. Heekin. Dr. Heekin replaced my right knee last fall. He and his entire team did a remarkable job and I am so glad I chose him to do the surgery. Good decision.


Heavenly Father thank you so much for giving your Son to stand in my place. What an unbelievable thing to do. Dear Jesus no words can express the gratitude I feel for the fact that you gave up your life, you endured all the hate they could throw at you, and you conquered death, all for me. Thank you.

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