Today I am GRATEFUL for:


The moon and stars. I jotted this down after taking Molly out last night. It was almost pitch black. There was just a sliver of a moon out and bunches of stars twinkling away in the night sky. I was reminded of countless nights spent under the stars while camping with my family growing up. Most of our camping was right here in north Florida at Goldhead State Park. Almost every summer. Then there was the summer of 1963 when we spent two weeks – first at Pikes Peak then Yellowstone. What a trip to remember. Thanks mom and dad. Great memories.

Tears. A good cry is not something that comes easily to me. It takes a lot to make me cry. Unfortunately, that usually means I am burying some deep emotion. This is not healthy. Today I watched two episodes of 8 Simple Rules. Just ran across this while flipping channels. It was the first two episodes after John Ritter died. I cried for a solid hour watching this. It really was therapeutic.

imageFans. When the heat is just a little bit unbearable but not hot enough to warrant the air conditioner, a fan is an amazing piece of equipment.

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