Today I am GRATEFUL for:

2014-08-21-1aMaking Art. Monday is back to school and I am very excited. I was able to register for three classes that I really wanted to get into, with the professors I wanted. I will be taking Three-Dimesional Design, Painting 1 and Digital Photography. I am thankful that a slot was open this late in the registration process in each of these classes. This is very rare for any art class. I was planning for only one or two classes, but with them all being available I am taking it as a sign to get back into my art full force. I haven’t touched it since graduation the end of 2012.

Oil Paints. I am really grateful that my oil paints are still in good shape. I got the materials list for the painting class and I don’t think I am going to need to purchase any new paint. And I think I have all the brushes I will need. I’m glad I bought good brushes for the last class I took. I even have 2 blank 16×20 canvas. This is saving me a lot of money; that’s a very good thing.

A reliable car. I haven’t really thought much about it but my car is now 10 years old and is running like a champ. (Hope I didn’t just jinx anything by saying that). The worst thing I have had to do is replace the water pump. For much of my adult life I did not have real dependable transportation. It really is a blessing that those days are behind me.


Thank you Lord for making registration so smooth today. Thank you for school and fabulous professors and office staff that are always so helpful. Bless this school year. Thank you for the opportunity to return to school under the Lifelong Learner program. It really is a great program.

Thank you for the two great lunches I had with friends this week. Great catching up. Thank you for providing such a reliable car for me to drive. I know I have taken it for granted for the last ten years, but I really am grateful for how you provide for me.

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