Today I am GRATEFUL for:

High School Reunions. The class that graduated the year after I did is having a reunion tonight. I’m not going to say how long. They were very gracious and invited two classes before them and two after. This is going to be such fun. A casual affair at the place where we went to dance almost every Friday night while in school. This is sure to bring back some memories. I think combining the classes is a good idea. I hung out with kids older and some younger and it will be great to see them and catch up. A great big thanks to the entire reunion committee for the class of 19??; you know who you are.

imagePaying My bills I know this probably doesn’t make sense, but really I am. Over the years I have really struggled to maintain a handle on my finances. Not just when I made very little, but perhaps more so when I started making really good money. My daddy told me I got my inability to handle money from him. He said without my mother they would have had nothing. Now most of my time growing up my mother did not work; daddy brought home all he made and she took care of all things relating to money. I used to think she was stingy, but now I wish she had taught me how she did it. They were never rich, but they lived comfortably and left some for their children when they passed. I’m rambling again…get to the point please!

Luke 19:11:27. The Parable of the Talents. We have all heard it, but have you ever really read it. This parable reminds me that God has given me many talents and has blessed me with the ability to provide for myself. In the past year, during my clean up, clear out project I filed away many financial issues that I no longer have to deal with. I got my bills in order and created a spreadsheet to track absolutely everything. I track when I paid each bill and mark it cleared just like I would if I were balancing a checkbook. Where I could, I put bills on auto-pay so I don’t even have to remember them. I made everything I could eBills so I am no longer drowning in papers. I have one desk file drawer that has any current info I may need to access. It is all working out rather nicely. This system has relieved so much stress you can’t imagine.

Most importantly I have been praying The Prayer of Jabez asking God to bless me and expand my territory. I highly recommend a book about this prayer written by Bruce Wilkinson. It’s a very small book; you could probably read it in under an hour. Just click the link below to find it at Amazon. Trust me, it will be a great blessing in your life.

The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life (Breakthrough Series)

Other Bloggers From time to time I am going to add posts from other bloggers that have touched me deeply. The “blogosphere” is immense and I feel that God specifically directs me to certain posts He wants me to read. Thank you God and thank you Bethany your post spoke to me today and I am going to just “shut up and listen” The Year of Blogging Faithfully -Day 22 – August 22, 2014.

One response to “Today I am GRATEFUL for:

  1. As silly as this may sound, you don’t know how much it touched me to know that my blog post touched you! Some days God lays stuff on my heart, and I honestly don’t know why I’m supposed to write about it. But this was an awesome reminder that God sees the big picture, even when we have a difficult time staying focused on our tiny, little section. Thank you!

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