Today I am GRATEFUL for:


Wind rustling in the trees. I love dusk. Especially when there is a storm moving in. It has been so hot the last few days that I have been staying in trying to stay cool. Right at dusk I walked out to the back of the yard with Molly. Standing under the giant trees that have been back there my entire life I realized that it was the first time I really looked at them. The clouds were pretty awesome too. But what stilled my heart and made me catch my breath was hearing God’s sweet whisper of His love for me on the wind as it blew lightly through the leaves of those magnificent trees. It’s been over an hour and I am still feeling engulfed by His love. I highly recommend reading the Song of Solomon. It’s a short book, but it packs a powerful message about how God loves us.

American Wild Horse Preservation. I’ve made this a link to their website. If you aren’t aware what is happening to the wild horses of our country, you should visit this website. They are doing a phenomenal job of keeping everyone informed and telling us how we can help. Check it out, and help where you can. This is a link to the photographer, Kelly Jay Photography who is taking all the amazing pictures of these majestic animals. Thank you Kelly.

Step ladders. Almost the entire end wall of my den is shelves from floor to ceiling. My daddy built them. Today I cleaned and reorganized books and pictures on these shelves. Well actually I still have the two lower shelves and 6 drawers to sort through but I am getting there. Couldn’t have done it without my small step ladder. Yesterday a friend came by and carted away the gigantic Lazyboy recliner that was my dads and a bookshelf that I didn’t need anymore. By the end of the week the den/pool room will be complete. That makes me so happy.

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