Today I am GRATEFUL for:


Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast. Need I say more? No triple digit heat index. Now if the temps drop ten more degrees it will be perfect. We are heading toward my favorite time of year; October and November.

Creative juices flowing. Had two classes today and got assignments for Wednesday in both. I have been scribbling away in my sketch book ever since I got home. I think I have several good ideas for the 3-D assignment, still working out the details. I can’t wait to get started.

imageMy Heart. Have you ever thought about the actual work your heart performs? It is a truly amazing organ. While sketching ideas for the 3-D project I was thinking about the human heart, it’s shape and the functions it performs, wondering if any of that would work in with the design I was sketching. That led me to thinking about the fact that my family has a long, long history of bad tickers, with several members dying as a direct result of a major heart attack.

Many years ago I was sure that my heart would be what did me in, just like so many before me. I am so very grateful that despite having been told about 12 years ago by a doctor that I had a heart attack, my ticker works just fine. I think the pain was something else, but that’s what he said after they ran tests. Tests today don’t even show minor damage and my cholesterol has never been of concern enough to need to be on medication. Thank God!


Thank you God for at least a couple of days of relief from the unbearable heat the past few days. Thank you also that it appears the storm is tracking out to sea away from the United States.

Thank you for a healthy heart despite heredity. If that really was a heart attack all those years ago, thank you for the total healing. Help me continue to eat right and get more exercise so this heart stays healthy for a very long time.

Thank you for school. I love learning new things. Thank you for giving me this desire to learn and be creative.

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