Today I am GRATEFUL for:


Sense of smell. Isn’t it amazing what our sense of smell can do? It can bring back memories, warn of dangers like fire or rotten food, and elicit emotions such as excitement, nostalgia and fear. It is also critically linked with our sense of taste.
How Smell Works

I have two bottles of very fine perfume oils that were given to me by a friend many years ago. These perfumes are from Egypt, if I recall correctly. They are beautiful scents and I love wearing them. I only use them on special occasions, not an everyday thing. Being oils, they are very concentrated and only require just a small drop or two. I love the way they smell and how I feel when I put one of them on my wrists and behind my ear. The labels are gone and I would probably never be able to get more. I am constantly amazed that they still smell the same as they did over twenty years ago.

This makes me think of the bible story where Mary washes Jesus’ feet with fine perfume and dries them with her hair. What amazing imagery this brings. How much she loved Him. I imagine Heaven will be filled with sweet fragrances; the fragrance of adoration and awe. How wonderful it will be.

Water. I was just thinking about why we need to drink so much water. Water regulates our body temperature. It helps in getting oxygen to our cells. It is vital to removing waste from our bodies and protecting our organs. I can’t imagine how stiff my joints might be if I didn’t drink water. I can definitely feel it when I am dehydrated.

I only drink filtered water, preferably bottled. It is so convenient. Plus the empty bottles in the recycling bin help me keep track of how much I have had; or reminds me that I am neglecting a very important part of my commitment to becoming healthy. Now go get another glass of water.

Play time with Molly. We just had a rousing game of fetch with a frisbee. What fun. Tuesday was National Dog Day. Thank you Molly for the many hours of joy you bring me.



Heavenly Father, thank you so much for making the human body exactly the way you did. Each sense, each joint, every organ, tissue, muscle, perfectly coordinated. I praise you for this amazing instrument and ask your forgiveness where I have not guarded it and taken care of it as I should. Help me to continue my commitment to taking better care of my health.

Thank you for life-giving water that helps me with that commitment .

And I am so very, very grateful that you led me to the exact, perfect rescue center where Molly was. The rescue was on both sides. I love her dearly, she brings me so much joy. Please keep her safe and healthy.


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