Today I am GRATEFUL for:

My Friend, Connie W. Great lunch today with another good friend. I have been having some really great girlfriend time the past couple of weeks. Being retired sure has it’s advantages. I really like how my days are spent now compared to when I was working.

Learning WordPress. The work I have done the past few weeks on this blog is coming in very handy. One of my professors is requiring a WordPress blog of our art. It is nice that I won’t have a big learning curve to get it up and running.

IMG_2017.JPG People who work in Health Food Stores. Someone told me the other day that my migraines could be because I am low on magnesium. After lunch today I stopped to get a magnesium supplement and the lady who works there was so very knowledgeable and helpful.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for the wonderful girlfriends I have in my life. They bring so much joy and I love them all. Thank you that we are able to get together for lunch or dinner from time to time. Please protect them all.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to return to school and for helping me get my creativity back. I have missed making art.

Thank you for the very helpful lady at the health food store today. I would not have known which was the best alternative. Also, there was a very sweet cashier at Michaels who’s father has been ill. You know the need there, Father, as you always do. Bless her entire family and thank you that I was able to share a little of my story of caregiving. Hopefully what I told her may be of help to her and her mom and sister.

Thank you God for my sweet baby girl. I miss her so much. Please bless her and Kenny.

I love you.

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