Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Georgia-Old-LogoGeorgia Bulldogs. I love to watch University of Georgia play football. Right now they are winning which is always a good thing. Watching Georgia play brings back lots of good memories of watching with my Dad and my brothers growing up. Daddy went to Georgia for a couple of years. I am a Georgia girl at heart, even though we moved to Florida when I was only three. Thinking about this has led me to thinking about….

Mountains of Northern Georgia and North Carolina. I love the mountains. Asheville is probably one of my favorite places to go. I can be quiet and contemplative there better than anywhere else on earth. It’s been too long.

God’s patience. Oh what a week it has been. Over the past few weeks I have really worked on my prayer life. I got things around here very organized and was able to spend a couple of hours a day praying and reading and studying His word. Unfortunately scheduling myself on campus four days a week, not to mention the outside of class time getting supplies and working on projects, I wore myself out. I guess I am not as physically strong as I thought. They say it takes more than a year to get your strength back after a major operation. I had a total knee replacement last November. Anyway, this week really messed up my God time. I changed my schedule so I am only going to class two days, not four and only taking two classes.

I am so grateful that when I sit myself down to study and pray in the morning He will be right there waiting to fill me up. Oh how I love that.


Thank You, thank You, thank You! You are so amazing and I am so unworthy of Your love. Thank You that every time I mess up or miss the mark You are right there ready to lift me up again. Thank You that I finally understand this instead of just giving up and not trying after taking one step backward.

I ask You please to protect all of the young men and women who are starting to play organized sports, keep them safe and healthy.

Thank You again for this beautiful earth you made, especially the mountains that I love so much.


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