Today I am GRATEFUL for:


My Big Comfy Chair I spent almost the entire day yesterday at the desktop computer. I needed Photoshop for a school project and it does not run on my iPad so it was in the yucky desk chair for me. It is hard for me to see there so I was straining most of the time, just to see the screen. Back and neck are both hurting quite a bit. Right now I am kicked back in the recliner with my feet up and the iPad on my lap. This is so much better. No pressure on my lower back in this chair. After a few hours in this my back feels a lot better. Thank you Heather for the perfect chair.

September. Today is the first day of September. The first day of Fall this year is September 23rd. That means cooler weather is getting closer. The first of September always signals renewal and excitement of things to come. I still remember the thrill of the start of a new school year when I was a kid. Fall festivals, Georgia/Florida game, Thanksgiving and then Christmas: four months of fun activities and weather that is not too hot to enjoy the outside. I get those feelings of excitement mixed with nostalgia of Falls of the past whenever September actually arrives. Okay, I know it’s still H O T but cooler weather is coming. Today’s high is only supposed to be 92.

Adoration, glorification, worship. Second item on my prayer list every day after confession. Isn’t it wonderful to lift our hearts to the Father in praise and adoration. It is a beautiful way to start my day.


Thank you Father for comfortable things in my home. Chairs that allow me rest and rejuvenation after I do things I know are going to hurt are pretty far up on that list. Thank you that even after all these years I still get excited about September.

I especially want to thank You and praise You for the ability to come to you and show you just how much I love you. You are my Rock, my Everything, Father. Thank You for loving me so much.

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