Today I am GRATEFUL for:

imageMaking art. I had a great, fun day making art. I love my new classes. Color Theory is going to be challenging. Learning about hue and the subtleties and nuances between tints and shades is just the beginning. Painting class was a total free paint day. We were just supposed to explore our colors and different brushes and paint whatever we felt. It was a very good day.

Prayer when I am afraid.  The turmoil in our world is getting worse every day.  I watch carefully as this terror group moves forward with their gruesome goal.  I have no control over what is happening, which is a very scary thing. The only hope I have of not feeling like I should move somewhere out in the wilderness away from everything is to take it to God. There was a hymn we sang a lot when I was a kid called What a Friend We Have in Jesus that very clearly says what I am feeling. Thank you Joseph M. Scriven, 1820-1886 and Charles C. Converse, 1832-1918.

Friendly faces I so appreciate students on campus that smile or say hello just when passing you on a walkway. Too many these days are buried in their phones and are oblivious to others around them. Today no less than four people I do not know smiled and/or said hello. Thanks to each of you. You made my day. A smile costs nothing.


Father, it is such a blessing that I can come to You with all my fears and You instantly soothe me. If I didn’t have our special relationship, the craziness of this world would be overwhelming. I try to remember You are in control. Please be with Steven Sotloff’s family. I cannot imagine what his mother and father are going through today.

Help me remember to speak, smile and acknowledge every person I come in contact with. Sometimes my smile may be the only friendly face someone sees that day. Thank you for the friendly faces today and thank you so much for such a good day.


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