Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Salvadore Dali  While looking at pictures of clocks for this post, I stumbled on Salvadore Dali’s The Persistence of Memory.  Dali used clocks in a lot of his work, and they always were out of kilter in some way; exploding or melting.  I read that his thoughts were that “time devours everything and that it is always ticking and melting away.” I find his art very interesting, and I do have to agree that time is ticking away. It seems to go by faster and faster the older I get. I wonder why that is. Well, the reason I was looking for a picture of clocks was the next thing here on today’s gratitude list.

imageOur system of time. I am really grateful that we have a system of tracking time.  I can’t even imagine how people kept track of what needed to be done without a clock.

I spent about two hours this morning on the phone scheduling appointments with doctors and for annual labs and tests.  I needed to fit these appointments around my school schedule and without a calendar, divided into neat exact increments of days and hours and minutes, I never would have been able to keep it straight.

I was watching a show on the Universe a few weeks ago and they explained how exact things had to happen in specific order for our planet to exist in the state it does to be able to support human life.   My God is amazing;  he set everything in motion for the exact sequence of events to create our system of time.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, seasons, months, years; it makes me think that it really is important how we are using this gift of time that He gave us. Are we wasting it on activities that are not healthy or productive?  Are we spending it with people who are not the right for us?  Or are we guarding this very valuable commodity, this precious gift, committing it to Him and asking Him to show us where he wants us to spend our time for His glory.

The Daily Post What a great help the articles here are to my writing. Thanks to you all.


Thank you God for helping me to focus on the task of scheduling all of those appointments.  I have put off a couple of these appointments for far too long.  I am asking you now to bless me and not let any of the tests show up anything really bad.

Help me to use my time wisely. Help me stay on track. Thank you for showing me every day where you want me spending my time.


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