Today I am GRATEFUL for:

imageLaura. Laura came over today and helped me in the studio. I have been trying to clean it up and organize it for a couple of months, but it was so out of control it was more than I could tackle physically. Being back in school I needed to finally define specific zones for different types of work. Once we defined what needed to be done, it was fairly easy to start moving things into the appropriate areas. I now have a dedicated space for wheel throwing, right next to the sink: ware boards and ceramic tools are on a shelf right by the wheel.

Then we set up a painting station. Easel is set up, paints and brushes are sorted into a three drawer rolling storage cart, one for oils, one for acrylics and one for water colors. This station is between a very large window and the sliding glass doors that lead to the back yard. Great light for painting.

Next came a station for me to work on my Color Theory assignments. Daddy’s drafting table is perfect and there is a great light directly above the table, on the wall. It will be fun to work here. There is a pegboard to the right where I hung a shoe bag. It holds all types of tools; brushes, paints, scissors, etc. it is all very convenient.

There is still quite a bit to do, but we did get far enough along that I can work tomorrow.

I couldn’t have done it without you dear friend. Thank you so much.

Daddy for building this room on the back of his house when I needed a place to stay in my early twenties.  It is a perfect studio and I love that he built it.  I am sorry he isn’t here to see how I am using it now.  Miss him and Mom tons.  I have three of his paintings on the walls in there. They look great.

Marking things off my chore list.  In addition to what we did in the studio today, I completely cleared out my closet.  Everything has been picked up off the floor, shoes and purses have all been moved to the small closet Daddy built my Mom with little cubbies to keep shoes and bags organized. Winter shirts and sweats have been washed, folded and put away.  I actually had room to put three pieces of luggage in the big closet, completely out of the way.  I can finally walk into the walk-in closet, unbelievable!


Thank You for a day full of energy and completion of tasks.  You know how hard I have been working to get my life under control and eliminate the chaos surrounding me and I thank You for helping me meet those goals.  Thank You for reminding me that Satan likes it when my life is in chaos; when I am out of control and overwhelmed.  You are the author of order and peace and calm.  

Thank you for Laura who is such a good friend and for Mom and Daddy who were always there to bail me out when I needed help.  I was very blessed to have such good parents. 

I love You.  Amen

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