Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Missing dog found. A friend of mine lost his dog a few days ago.  He has returned home, on his own.  I am so very grateful that he is safe and back home.  Breathing a great big sigh of relief.

Having Goals. I love having a Bucket List. Many items on my list have been completed, however some of them I would really like to repeat.

Goal setting:

  • motivates
  • gives life meaning and purpose
  • gives us passion
  • keeps us from drifting and feeling like we never accomplish anything
  • helps us learn who we are
  • gives us something to look forward to
  • helps us grow
  • gives us a feeling of satisfaction when we mark one off the list

Completed bucket list items:

  • finish my college degree: started when I was 21 – graduated 2012
  • jump out of a perfectly good airplane – no, really, it was amazing!image
  • travel to Italy which I did in 2009 in a month long study abroad program, visiting Rome, Florence, Herculaneum, Pompeii, Naples and Villa Giulia
  • visit Yellowstone National Park and Pikes Peak – trip with my family in my teens
  • sell a piece of my art – a small vase that won third place in a juried show at UNF
  • visit Phoenix, Sedona and Indian Ruins of Arizona
  • visit Napa Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Yosemite
  • visit Hawaii – twice
  • visit Aruba – twice
  • visit Puerto Rico
  • visit St. Croix

Now for things I still want to do – in no particular order:

  • find a place for every thing and put every thing in its place – in other words stop the chaos
  • go on a cruise
  • an archeology dig in Arizona or New Mexico
  • complete my online presence for my art
  • learn more about history and archeology
  • learn to paint really well
  • get published – I wrote a book years ago called “What is Christian Faith” for 10-12 year olds
  • find collaborators for the book – illustrator and Bible expert to help me fact check my references.
  • become a better friend and neighbor
  • volunteer more
  • make significant progress on my family tree
  • lose 40 lbs
  • scan and organize all photographs
  • scrapbook my trip to Italy
  • ride in a helicopter
  • bake amazing cakes
  • learn to fly a small plane
  • build a tear-drop trailer and start camping again
  • foster rescue dogs

Dreams do come true. So many of my dreams have come true. I am very blessed.  I am so very grateful for the great experiences I have had in spite of myself.  As I look back over these lists, I am very excited wondering what dream will be fulfilled next.  Keeping my eyes always on what His plan is, not mine.  I know I couldn’t possibly dream bigger or better than what He has planned.


Thank you so much that Hank returned home to Clint. I know I would be devastated if Molly disappeared.  Thank you that we have the ability to set and accomplish goals.  Help me remember to always check that the goals I set are in line with Your plan for me.  



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