Today I am GRATEFUL for:

imageMy Cousin in Texas, for adopting a special needs rescue dog.  I am in awe of animal rescue workers and those who foster and/or adopt animals that have been injured by the stupidity or callousness of others.  This sweet girl is a very lucky dog.  Thanks to the rescue efforts of some really great people she now has found her “forever” home.  This will be a super home for this sweet dog.

Barbecue.  I had a VIP coupon for Sonny’s for buy one get one free.  Dinner was superb and we had a really good waitress.  I ate so much I’m stuffed.  It’s not even 9:00 pm and I am ready for bed.

Babies laughing.  there was a cute little girl behind me in the restaurant tonight and she was just chattering up a storm with her grandparents.  It was really nice to hear her giggle.  Made my day.


I am so very thankful for another wonderful day.  I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank You for all the little things you put in my path today that made me smile.  

Bless this sweet dog and all the people who have had a part in her rehabilitation.   Continue to heal Dolly and make her  stronger every day.  

I love You. Amen.  

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