Today I am GRATEFUL for:

imageServicemen and Servicewomen and their families, especially my cousins. One of my cousins who lives in North Dakota posted today that her husband was back after six month duty away from home.  I am so thankful for these families who sacrifice so much for the rest of us. This thankfulness is spread to thousands of families across our country who have family members that stand in harms way for me.  I could never repay you or express my gratitude in an adequate way. Thanks to you all.  Every night I pray that God watches over you wherever you serve.

I’m also thankful for those in my family who served in the past in peacetime and in war.  This goes back all the way to the Revolutionary War.  Thank you for our freedoms.

imageMy hands in wet clay. I am reconstituting dried up clay in the studio. I had forgotten how good it feels to have my hands in wet clay. In a couple of days I plan to throw some.

Music.  I was working in the studio for a while today when I realized it was dead quiet in there. Molly was lying on the floor.  I turned on the stereo on my favorite radio station and did something I have not done for years. I danced. This freaked Molly out and she tried to be my dance partner.  I broke down laughing. Thanks rock and roll radio station.


Thank you so much for the men and women who serve in our military to protect us.  Bless them as they serve and sacrifice so much.

Thank you for fun and dancing and laughter with Molly. 


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