Today I am GRATEFUL for:

imageOscar-Claude Monet. I have always been drawn to Impressionist painters; and Claude Monet is probably my favorite. Haystacks is a wonderful series of paintings that was a study of light and color that is fascinating. I loved studying about him in Art History classes. One of my favorite pieces is Impression, Sunrise. I highly recommend taking time to read about him and his contribution to the art world and study his paintings. You will not be disappointed, I am sure.

imageBiographies. I love to read about famous people in the past and their lives. Not the gossipy type dribble that is produced these days, but true studies of a person and how different events and people shaped their lives. What made them tick? What turn of events led them to make the choices they made that brought them to their place in the history of world events. I have always enjoyed these and read them voraciously.

Blogging. I am really enjoying the time I spend writing in this gratitude journal of mine. It brought me to the worlds of WordPress and Twitter and I have met so many wonderful people who are sharing their life experiences. Their words encourage me.


Heavenly Father thank you for a wonderful day.  I can’t say I accomplished a whole lot, but I did run a couple of errands that needed to be done.  Thank you for my lunch with a good friend.  

Thank you for great artists we can study and learn from like Claude Monet. He had a very special gift and I love studying him and his works.  Thank you for writers of biographies that bring us the stories of these great people and their everyday lives.  There is a lot to be learned from them all.

Thank you for all the sharing I have found on WordPress and Twitter. There are so many people that love you and are sharing you through these new technology methods.  Help me to be a good representative of you in what I share here.  


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