Today I am GRATEFUL for:

I love Rock 'n Roll

I love Rock ‘n Roll

Listening to good music. I had a great time tonight at girls night out with a couple of good friends. We went to an Open Mic night and heard some very talented musicians. They played a lot of stuff from the 60’s and 70’s. Everyone who played and sang were really very good. The sharing and laughing with friends was the best part.

Arriving home safe. One road on my way home was very dark. I don’t see very well at night but I thought I did a pretty good job coming home. When I was almost home, I hate to admit it, but I turned a little short onto a street that has a median. I was staring straight into two sets of headlights because I was on the wrong part of the road. I am so grateful that there was room for the cars that were right could go by me. Close call. Thank you, God.

imageTake-out Ribs. I am grateful I could go and bring home dinner already cooked. Some days I just don’t want to cook and have the mess to clean up. Ribs were delicious.


Thank you so much for protecting me tonight on the way home. I am thankful for my life and that my mistake didn’t hurt anyone else.  Thank you for the time spent with friends tonight.   It was a lot of fun.  Thank you for bringing so much talent together in one place for us to enjoy. 

I love You.  Amen.

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