Today I am GRATEFUL for:

imageHighlights & Shadows. I am working on a painting in my art class that is full of highlights and shadows. I am beginning to understand the importance of these two techniques in defining space, depth, flow and movement in a painting.  They work together to lead you in and out of the painting and direct your eye to where the painter wants you to go.  You see what he wants you to see when they are used correctly.

I was thinking that our lives are a lot like that too.  The highlights and shadows of our past all work together to make us who we are.  They help define us and create the depth of our lives.  They can direct where we go and what we see.  As in a painting though, we cannot allow either to control.  They must be kept in balance and proper perspective or our life will be out of focus and can become quite messy.

BC Headache Powder.  I have a killer headache this afternoon. Hopefully the BC Powder will bring it under control so I don’t have to resort to the Sumatriptan.


Remote Control.  I am feeling very lazy. Might just be the headache, but I am so very glad I don’t have to get up every time I want to change the channel.


Thank you so much that I seem to have finally found some balance between the highlights and shadows of my life.  As you know, for a while, it was all overwhelming and out of balance.  Now that I am free from that, I am ready to be led where you want me to go.

As always, I love you with all my soul.


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