Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Daddy. Today would have been my Daddy’s 91st birthday. He died five years ago next month.

I am feeling a little bit emotional.  Not exactly sad. It’s a mixture of nostalgia, feeling blessed that I had such amazing parents, loneliness at being an orphan, joy in knowing they are with The Lord and thrilled that one day we will all be together again. It’s all a jumble when I think about them.

My Daddy taught me a lot about how God feels about me.  He showed me what a Father’s love is and I always think of that when I think about God and how much He loves me and wants only good things for me.  Daddy was always there, no matter how many  times I made bad decisions and got myself in trouble, no questions asked.  It did not matter how far away I was, if I needed him, Daddy was always there. 

I think that Daddy takes up my three grateful items today.  Everything else seems to pale in comparison so I am going to just leave it at this.


Thank you so much for allowing me to be born into such an amazing family.  I adore them all.  Bless my sweet Heather and Kenny and my amazing baby brother and his family and protect them all.  Family is so very important and I am truly blessed by all of mine.


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