Today I am GRATEFUL for:

New Brakes.  Thanks to my friend for putting new brake pads on my car without me even asking.  I feel much safer now. This is one of my new Twitter contacts. I love the tidbits of encouragement and direction I get each day from them.  I often retweet what they post so I can share it with you but I would really recommend you follow them yourself  so you get the benefit of all of their tweets. ( see Twittering on the right)


My friend Madelyn who spent two hours yesterday taking portraits and head shots of me to get me a new professional image.  We really had a very good time. I’ve been working on an online presence for my art and I really needed to update my head shot. It was Madelyn’s idea to take some portrait shots with some of my art in the picture. She has a very good eye and I can’t wait to see how they turned out. It will replace this image. I will be sharing more about Madelyn and her art after I have made my choice of image.

I do not know what kind of access I will have while in the woods this weekend so I may or may not be posting for a few days.  If I don’t get to post just let me say right now how very grateful I am for this trip and the chance to get away and be in nature and spend time with friends.


I am so excited to spend alone time with you this weekend in my favorite place. Thank you. Keep us all safe on this trip. I love you. 


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