Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Positive trip to Specialist. My Primary Care doctor gave me four referrals a little over a year ago for different issues she thought I should have checked out. Well I put them all off as I dealt with the knee replacement. Last week I went for my annual with my Primary Care and had to admit I had not seen any of the specialists she wanted me to see. Needless to say she was not very happy with me. Well I promised to follow up and make appointments with them all. So this week it was the doc for the migraines and the doc for the places that could be skin cancers. Luckily the results with the dermatology issues are all good – nothing to worry about so I am saying a prayer of gratitude for saving me from myself (too much time in the sun when I was younger) but it seems that for now I have dodged that bullet.

As for the migraines – all I can do is pray for answers and ask you to pray for me. The new doc changed all my meds and scheduled some scans of my head and tests to see if she can find the cause of my pain and dizziness.

imageVirus scans.  I was researching information for a paper I have to write for my Color Theory class. I clicked on a link in Bing and it gave me a message that said I really should not go to that particular website because it would download suspicious software on to my computer.  How cool is that?

Another day off. Have not accomplished much this weekend so I am glad I do not have any plans tomorrow.

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