Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Drawing. I like to draw. I am not very good at it but I think I am beginning to figure out part of my problem. I try to rush things. Today in my painting class we started a new still life. Professor has us block things in using yellow ochre. For this still life I got much closer than the last one, plus I made several trips right up to it to be sure what I thought I was seeing was actually what was there. In a couple of instances it wasn’t. There are a lot of glass surfaces in this piece. I am anxious to learn more about painting these surfaces. By taking my time I think I got a much better under drawing and I think my painting will be better for it. There has to be a big life lesson buried in here.

Tonight I started working on a piece for Color Theory and I actually think the picture I drew is not too bad. I need to practice, practice, practice.

Bumblebees. Without these we will cease to be. Everything on this planet has a purpose and bees are so very important. Plant flowers that attract them to your yard if you can. Even just a window box will help to save the bees.IMG_1972.JPG

Medical Technicians. I am very grateful for the technicians that felt a calling to learn how to administer the tests I have to have done tomorrow night and the doctors who will interpret the results and make recommendations from what they find.


Father, God, thank you for giving me the desire to be a better artist.  Thank you for professors with patience to teach me what I need to learn right at this point.  Please help me remember to slow down and feel the work and not try to rush through it.  There is no need to be in such a hurry.

Help me remember you are with me during the test tomorrow night.  Guide the technicians and the doctors as they search for answers to the headaches. 

Thank you for the bumblebees that have been in my yard this summer.  I love watching them enjoy the nectar of the flowers that I planted.  I hope there will be more to watch next year.

Bless my sweet Heather, I miss her so very much.

As always, I love you, and praise you for all you do for me.


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