Today I am GRATEFUL for:


IMG_2390A No Headache Day. I’ve made it through a whole day without a headache. I did not have one when I woke up which was unusual in itself, and I have gone through the whole day with no pain. I just finished dinner so we will see if it holds through the evening.  Hopefully I won’t have a reaction to anything from dinner and the new medications are starting to make a difference.  I cannot remember the last time I had a whole day pain free.  Thank you God.


A rainy rainy Monday. I had a nice quiet inside day with nothing particular to do. It was very relaxing. I did, however, need these several times to walk out in the back yard with Molly.



Thank you Father for a nice quiet day. It really let me relax and do a lot of quiet contemplation. I totally enjoyed the day. I am especially thankful that it was a day without a migraine. You are the best. You always know exactly what I need.


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