Today I am GRATEFUL for:

IMG_2495 My best friend Jenna’s new Great Grand-Baby. Oh my goodness, it can’t be true. We can’t possibly be old enough to have great grands Jenna. But yes, I got a text a little while ago with a picture of one of God’s greatest miracles, a new born baby boy. I am so thrilled for Jenna and her entire family. Welcome to the world Rylen Murphy.

Progress.  A couple of days ago I told you about my frustration with a painting I am working on and how God is using this to help me work on a couple of my character defects like impatience and perfectionism.  This has all been mixed in with a bunch of negative prodding by the enemy telling me I am no good at this and never will be and that everyone else in the class has talent but me.

Yesterday I went to the studio during lab hours and worked for over two hours trying to recover what I lost by the mess described in the earlier post.  I made some progress but I still was feeling that there was no way I was going to get this finished in time for critique on Tuesday.

IMG_8945croppedI went back today and worked another two hours and I can honestly say I think I am almost there.  Lab hours are 4-9 tomorrow and I will be there when the door opens and will work until I am satisfied or until they run me out.  No lab hours on Monday so I have to finish it tomorrow.  Here is a snapshot of the still life – or rather the section of it I am painting. I hope I never see green paint again.  My fingernails are permanently stained. Great, I just saw something I did wrong today.

Molly who wants to go outside and play on this beautiful afternoon.  Later fellow bloggers and tweeters.


I love you more everyday, as if that is possible.  Thank you for the beautiful new baby boy you gave to Jenna and her family.  He is quite beautiful and looks so healthy.  Thank you for continuing your work on my character defects.  Especially thank you that I am becoming more aware when you are trying to help me see where something needs to change.  Each change removes something that separates me from you and for that I am eternally grateful. You always have my back. 


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