Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Life Group.  This time last year a friend invited me to a ladies bible study at her church and I met the most amazing group of women ever!  I attended that study and even visited their church for a few months but haven’t kept in touch over the summer and into this school year. Life gets busy as we all know.  Well they have a group that meets every Monday night and last night I decided to go.  I am really glad I did.  There is always something said in these studies that touches me deeply and last night was no exception.  Plus, have you ever noticed that sometimes just talking with your girlfriends can make you feel better, no matter what is going on in your life.  Thanks to you all for welcoming me back like no time had past.


D and D: I am praying so hard for you guys.  I added you to the prayer list at Life Group last night and I can tell you there were some wonderful prayers lifted up for you both.  I am asking all my Twitter and Blog followers to pray for you too.

My Twitter and Blog followers.  I am reaching out to ask for your help. One of my best friends from way back in first grade and her husband are going through a very rough time.  They just got word that he has multiple tumors, on his lung, spine and esophagus.  It’s barely been a year since she lost her little sister after a long serious illness.  There is so little to be able to do or say in times like these.  My heart is breaking for them both and for their extended families. Please lift them up, not just when you read this, but add them to your daily prayer list.  Our God is sovereign and can do miracles!


Father, Abba, I lift up my prayers to you today, not for anything for me, but totally for D&D.  Jehovah Rophi, God who Heals, please Father wrap your loving healing arms around D and heal his body.  Give them both a peace in knowing that you are in charge, as you always are.  

Thank you for leading me back to Life Group.  You know all the needs that were voiced last night, the ones of fear, confusion and uncertainty, and the physical needs, tests and exploratory surgeries.   I lift each of these needs up in prayer to you.  Especially the wives praying for husbands, the mothers praying for children, the sisters praying for sisters.  

Thank you for answers to prayers.  


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