Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Prayer Group morning call. What an amazing way to start the day; a conference call with my bible study group.  Today was the first time I joined the call and I can honestly say it changed my whole day.  It was a quick call; we each expressed our biggest prayer need and each person on the call prayed for one other person’s need. How great to start my day with other strong Christian women, praising God and lifting each other up.  I am truly blessed.

imageWildflowers.  Still blooming in my backyard; determined not to be extinguished by whatever means is thrown at them. Buried in amongst the grass and weeds on the very back corner of my lot, they greet me every morning.  I know that many have been mowed down throughout the summer, but I just love their tenacity and perseverance.  Maybe next summer I will block off a portion of the yard to let them grow and spread as much as they like. I’ve been storing a couple of things back there for my brother, a boat and a truck and trailer that will be leaving my yard in January when he moves to his new house. That will make a beautiful place for a wildflower garden I think.

Total Quiet. Second day this week that I have had nothing that I had to do. The windows are open and it is 72 degrees at 12:30 in the afternoon. Blue sky with puffy white clouds everywhere I look. I am so bad about always having the TV on even just as background noise that I thought I would try to leave it off and just be alone with my thoughts. That has always been hard for me to do, but I really am enjoying the silence.


I am curious about how you approach making life changing decisions.  Are you a list maker…pros on one side, cons on the other? Or do you seek the counsel of others? When you pray about this decision, how do you make yourself leave the answer to God, trusting in his plan? I remember a saying from many years ago…”let go and let God”… but I find most of the time that is almost impossible for this control freak girl to do.

imageI have big decisions to make in my life right now.  I hope I am able to see God’s plan and purpose in it all, or to just be able to be obedient to his word and trust that He knows what’s best.

I would love to hear from you on this subject.  Please join in the conversation by posting below.


Heavenly Father thank you for such a wonderful start to my day.  You know the needs of each one on the call today.  I lift them all up to you, for you know what is best.  Bless each one who was there today and all the members of our group who were unable to make it today.

God, you know the two deepest burdens on my heart for my friends D&D and now adding C&K. Bless them all and bring them through these trying times. Give them peace and remind them deep in their souls that you are the Great Healer and that you have everything under control.

For me, Abba, I pray for discernment and clarity, contentment and understanding. Most of all I pray for patience that I wait on your timing and do not try to force my control onto the situation. I trust that your plan for my life will be revealed through prayer.


Start a conversation. I would love to hear from you.

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