Today I am GRATEFUL for:

imageRecovered: I had a bad case of food poisoning which has had me down, unable to do much of anything for a full two weeks. Been living on Gatoraide and saltine crackers.  I’m still tiring out quickly, but I am going to survive. I went back to school Thursday after missing three classes. I have quite a lot to do to catch up.

Fellowship: I went to a surprise birthday party for a very sweet lady this afternoon. The fun and fellowship was very nice. I am really very thankful that God brought all these new friends into my life in the last year.  Even though I have not known them for very long, I feel very close to them. They have all opened their hearts and made me feel very much a part of their group even though I am much older than they are.

God’s Voice: I am working through a major life decision. I am finding it difficult to discern exactly what God is leading me to do, or more accurately is it God’s voice or something else.  This lack of clarity is very frustrating but I was shown a good way to know if it is God speaking to me.  From GodFruits on Facebook:

How to know if it is God speaking to you:

  1. It agrees with scripture
  2. God usually repeats it
  3. The idea comes to us when praying
  4. The desire grows stronger with time
  5.  It involves an element of faith

Based on that criteria, I am pretty sure I know where I am being led.  Now to have the faith I need to step out and act on it.  I would love it if you would pray for me to have the faith I need to trust that He is in control and has only His best planned for me.

I have missed sharing with you each day.  Hopefully I will be back in full form very soon.



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