Today I am GRATEFUL for:

IMG_0001My Brothers: I was watching a commercial a few nights ago, with two kids looking at the ornaments on a Christmas tree and became very nostalgic – filled with memories of Christmas in the 1950’s. I am the middle child and the only girl. My big brother, Michael, passed away a few years ago. Even though we were not very close as adults, I miss him and think about him often.

My baby brother, David, only lives about two miles from me, but life can be so hectic that we rarely get to see each other. He has a great job, but it requires a lot of travel.  He and his wife just bought property about thirty-five miles from here and are planning to move after the first of the year.  With as little as I get to see him now, I fear it will be even less in the future.

Holidays just aren’t the same any more.

This doesn’t sound grateful, I know. I am missing holidays past with the whole family together, opening presents, cooking and eating together.  But gratitude is what I feel. I thank God for the family he gave me.  For all the joys and sharing that we had when we were all together.  Those memories are precious to me. The best part is knowing that in the end, we will all be together again. Thank you Jesus!

Cinnamon toast: haven’t eaten homemade cinnamon toast in years. Man, that was delicious.

Getting Stronger: November was a bear of a month.  First the food poisoning which kept me sick and weak for almost two weeks.  Then a couple of good days, feeling better followed by two weeks + of the winter crud. I am still taking antibiotics, but I am starting to think maybe I have got this one beat!  Please keep me on your prayer lists that the worst is past and that Christmas break will be filled with fun and friends – no sick bed.


Heavenly Father, thank you so much for the family you gave me.  My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. brothers and cousins, all showed me what love is, and shared Your love with me to be sure I knew who You are. I will always be truly grateful for all You have given me.

Bless my sweet baby girl and her fiance’ as they build a life together. May they know to always keep You at the center of their lives.

Today, as every day, I ask that You place Your healing hands on so many of my friends that are hurting.  There is loss and illnesses and hardships throughout my circle of friends and I pray peace and comfort for all of them.  

Father God, I especially ask again for you to touch D&D with healing and peace that they will know that You are in control of it all.  I love D so much and my heart breaks for what they are going through, but I know that You are there with them through it all.


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