Today I am GRATEFUL for:

God’s Patience:  I am so glad that no matter how many times I get bogged down with life, with things, or people, and become distracted from my purpose, God is always patient with me and let’s me work through whatever is happening.

So, I have been absent for six months.  I have no idea how that happened. Yes I do, really.  I have a routine, my morning checklist if you will, for my time with God.  It is not a short list and it takes discipline to go through it line by line and genuinely pray for the people and issues that are on it. This may seem far fetched to some, but I found that when I use the checklist, my days are more ordered, I accomplish more, and above all, I have peace. Being so sick last winter got me off track. That is not an excuse, just a fact. My prayer time is a habit that needs to be nurtured.

Over the course of my life I have found that the enemy can use even the smallest thing to inch his way in and draw my focus away from God. That is his whole purpose. To separate us from The Father. Oh, wait, that’s another item for the prayer list – protect me from the enemy and open my eyes to discern deceitfullness and confusion.

I am asking for your prayers that I may be diligent and faithful in what He has called me to do.

JerriMy beautiful friend, Jerri: She was a beautiful soul who touched many in her life and her years as a teacher. She always blessed me when she was around. I miss her. I am so grateful to have known her.

A new adventure:  I started a new business since last we met.  I am truly grateful that God led my friend Sandra to invite me to learn about this opportunity. I am now an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay.

The number one best thing about this company is they live God first, family second and career third. I have never worked someplace that helped me keep those priorities straight. Thank you Mary Kay Ash for having the vision to create something this great to help women all over the world to reach their full potential.  As I am blessed through this business and the wonderful people I meet through it, I am sure I will be sharing many Today I am grateful for moments with you.

For now, just let me say, I am glad to be back: I missed spending this time with you.


Heavenly Father, thank you so much that you are so patient with me. Thank you that even when I stray, become lax or lazy or I allow myself to be distracted by the enemy, you are always there, waiting with open arms to welcome me back to You.  I love you and adore you.

Thank you for sweet, sweet Jerri. She was truly a blessing to all who knew her. Remind us to always tell our loved ones that they are special to us.  Sometimes time runs out too soon. 

Thank you for Sandra and her sharing of the opportunity of Mary Kay. Please Father, put your protection and blessing on my business, and help me to use it to honor and serve Your plan for my life.  


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