Today I am Grateful for:

image2017 has started with a bang for me…good and bad…but I am lifting praises for all of it. I was very sick starting New Year’s day.

Major testing done yesterday – waiting on results. Short version biopsies still not back. I have an ulcer + + +. If malignant will have surgery. Surgeon has already been called in. He is being very proactive.

I am very impressed with the team of medical professionals taking care of me. 15873458_10154374580313460_9210623248237924178_nBTW I had a Nuclear Scan today and I am radioactive for next day and a half. I wonder if I will glow in the dark tonight!

Feeling better tonight than I have all week. Thank you for your prayers. God works in mysterious ways – lots of praise to share of how He has worked things out in several areas of my life since I turned it all over to Him Monday morning. Will share more later. Suffice it to say God’s got my back!


Father thank you for always being ready to step in when I finally let go of issues that are beyond my control.

Thank you for amazing team of medical personnel that are my team trying to resolve this issue, starting with my primary care doctor who was spot on in her diagnosis and for her insisting I go to the emergency room Wednesday.  Without her prodding I might not still be here.  Especially bless all the nurses, technicians, volunteers and support staff who work in hospitals.  Without them things would surely be a mess.

Father, God, thank you so much for how your hand has worked so many amazing things out while I lay here in the hospital unable to deal with things myself.  

I love you!  Amen. 

One response to “Today I am Grateful for:

  1. Jenna D Lopes

    All the things we know: “Let go and let God,” “The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer,” etc. He is always good. My prayers are with you my friend.



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