Today I am GRATEFUL for:

My New Church Home: I have been searching for a church to call “home” for a long time. Praise God He led me to exactly the right place at exactly the right time. I don’t believe I have ever been in a friendlier church. I have been welcomed with open arms and hearts and just could not be happier.

Christian Women’s Ministries: I follow several Women’s ministries and am constantly amazed that the things they write in their blogs, newsletters, bible studies and books always seem to hit right at home.

Currently I try to faithfully visit the Girlfriends in God website to start my day with their words of encouragement and sharing of their own walks with God, their successes and failures. Their devotions always lift me up, remind me of truths I may have forgotten, and teach me new things about living an abundant life in Christ.

On March 5, 2018 I will begin a six week online bible study led by Gwen Smith called I Want it All. Visit Gwen’s website to read more about it and find out how to sign up for this exciting study. To date there are over 7000 women already signed up and there are still three more weeks before the study begins.

If you purchase the book for the study, I Want it All from this link, I will receive a small commission.

Childhood Buddies: I have just had two great weeks with my best friend from first grade. She has been visiting from Colorado Springs. We are having our fiftieth high school reunion this June, so I think the fact that we have remained best friends for this long is kind of amazing. Love ya to the moon and back, Jenna.

Speaking of high school reunions, I am on the decorating committee and am getting more excited every day. #ramsgreat68


Abba Father, I am so very blessed that you led me to my new church home. What an amazing Ash Wednesday service and Communion we shared tonight. Lead me to my place of service in this fellowship.

Thank you so much for directing me to Godly women who love you and are willing to share their walk with you with others. Thank you for lifetime friendships. 

Forgive me where I have fallen short today. Open my eyes to see where you want changes in my life. 

Teach me, Holy Spirit. Help me grow daily in my understanding of the remarkable life God has planned for me.

A special prayer tonight for my dear friends that are facing the hardest time of their lives; one at the loss of a child and others as family and friends prepare for one to come home to You.  Please, Father be with the families of all affected by the tragedy in south Florida today.  

Thank you Jesus for how very much you love each and every one of us. I love you and adore you.


One response to “Today I am GRATEFUL for:

  1. Marlene Hayes

    Every day, I am grateful for Faith, Family, Friends and Fun.


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