Today I am GRATEFUL For:


Faith: During the Christmas holidays, I was so blessed to visit my daughter and her husband in Alabama. More about this later.

When I make the trip to visit them, I break the travel into two half-days each way, allowing me time to visit with a dear, sweet friend who lives just about halfway between Jacksonville and Mobile.  I so love spending time with Carolyn, as she understands me more than most, warts and all, and loves me enough to keep helping me as I struggle to put myself back in a right relationship with God. I can share anything with her.

Of all the people I have known in my life, Carolyn has the most beautiful walk with the Lord I have ever witnessed. I constantly learn from her. When I was there at Christmas she made a comment that stopped me short.  One day she mentioned she was blessed with the gift of faith. Since this has been something I have thought about often over the last 40 years (trying not to be jealous of her walk), I wondered if it was all right to pray for this specific gift.

Throughout my life I have struggled to stay strong when the enemy attacks.  I understand that whenever I am beginning to do what I believe I have been called to do, the attacks get stronger.  I have not done a very good job of resisting – he always knows exactly how to defeat me.

As I research the Gifts of the Spirit on the internet, I find a wide variety of opinion regarding this subject.  This is going to require a great deal of study on my part.  In the meantime, I am choosing to pray specifically for the gift of faith and for a heart of understanding as the Holy Spirit continues to show me new truths in God’s Word.

God’s Forgiveness: Thank goodness that no matter how often I fail, He is faithful to forgive.  I realized today a very big area I need to work on — my temper and frustration in traffic.  Getting angry at a driver that moved into my lane as I was trying to merge onto the interstate this morning on the way to church could have robbed me of the joy I experienced in bible study and church. I quickly realized the enemy’s hand in the incident, rebuked him, and asked God to forgive me for my anger.  Just as quickly as my joy was stolen, God restored me to the right frame of mind to experience the study, praise and worship in peace and joy.  Thank you Jesus!

Bible Study: I want to remind you of an upcoming online bible study that you can participate in wherever you may be.  Check it out at





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