Today I am Grateful for:

Evidence of progress: Spiritual progress not spiritual perfection, growth and understanding. I can tell I am making progress in spiritual areas thanks to opening my heart to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I have gotten myself so busy in reading, studying, praying and attending fellowship with other Christians at church that I just realized it has been almost a month since I posted. I really have to get myself organized. I sat down this morning to write and drew a total blank. A short prayer to ask God to show me if there was something He wanted me to share today got things off to a much better start. I stepped away from the computer and walked into the back yard to bring Molly inside and had my inspiration. God speaks to us in many ways. So here goes:


There have been many times in my life when the enemy wins a battle, sometimes multiple in a row. At times like this I get very discouraged and my heart feels empty, barren and withered. Picture to the right looks like my heart feels at these times.


I call this my rebounding phase

Thank goodness during these times God never turns his back on me, but waits patiently for my return.  There is always that speck of life and all it takes is a good soaking in the Word and time on my knees asking for forgiveness to start me blooming again.  I call this my rebounding phase.  Sometimes this phase is quick, and others it is agonizingly slow.

Each day as I talk with God and allow Him to cleanse me and lead me forward, I grow stronger and more capable of turning to Him sooner when the enemy strikes and pretty soon I am growing by leaps and bounds.


Do you think there might be another analogy in this idea?

I can’t wait to see this beautiful plant in full bloom so I can decide where it should be planted.  Do you think there might be another analogy in this idea?

Prayer Requests:  I just learned this morning that the husband of one of my dearest friends has cancer of the esophagus.  Please pray for them both, S&D

Easter Services: If you live in the Jacksonville area or are visiting here and are looking for a new church home, or a place to worship during this Easter season, I invite you to come and worship with me at:

Deermeadows Baptist Church 

9780 Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256 * 904.642.2200


Current Bible Studies: 

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