New Site Launch August 1, 2018


ANNOUNCEMENT:  Our new site will launch on August 1, 2018, and this little personal journal will be retired from the public.  I just want to take a minute and personally thank you all for your support over the past four years; it has been my privilege to share my thoughts with so many of you.

The new Praise, Gratitude, & Joy seeks to encourage, enlighten and convince today’s mature woman of a very important fact: “You are never too old to become what you were meant to be.” Stay Tuned!

I truly hope you will join us on this new adventure as we follow God’s leading.  I also hope you will pray that I stay focused on His purpose and that everything I write will be for His Glory.

Although it is not “quite ready for prime time”, you can sign up on the new site at any time.  Just visit  The signup form is on the right side of the front page.  While there you can sign up to become a Praise, Gratitude, & Joy Prayer Partner, agreeing to pray for the needs of others as they may be expressed through our prayer request page.

Please just remember there are a few things that are still being tweaked, but I wanted you all to be able to be registered by the go-live date.

If you have problems with the new site, suggestions, or would like to be a guest author on our blog, please just drop me a line at



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