My name is Faye and I live in Florida. I am retired after 45 years in the rat race called Corporate America. I am a born again Christian, saved by the grace of God, and forever grateful for His gift of Jesus Christ. As this blog grows I will share more of my story and how I got to here.

I started posting “Today I am GRATEFUL for” on Facebook in July 2014 in response to a three day challenge to post for three days, three things I am grateful for and challenge three other friends to do the same. Thank you Teresa.

As I started each day thinking about what I was most thankful for, I found a peace and clarity I have not had in a number of years. Since this has proven to be such a boost to my prayer life and my relationship with God is stronger every day, I feel called to share this journey and extend this challenge to all who find their way here.

Try this exercise…start your day with praise, gratitude and joy and see where it takes you. Each day join me here and add your GRATEFUL list in the comments of the current days’ Today I am GRATEFUL for post. Do this for at least three days and challenge at least three of your friends to join you.

What you share may be exactly what the next person needs to hear. Let’s praise Him together.

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  1. Hello! This is to inform you have been nominated you for the Liebster Award! To see details about this award please visit:http://inspirebyfaith.com/2014/10/09/liebster-award/. Thank you for your blogs and God Bless!


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