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Today I am Grateful for:

The most amazing Holy Week:


God is opening doors:

Will share more as plans progress.Blessed beyond measure SW11.png

Family:  Life would be so lonely without them God is so good!

Obviously my beautiful daughter is number one on the list: Since she moved to Alabama five years ago, my heart aches. In the beginning I was hopeful that she would get transferred back to Jacksonville. Alas that is not to be. She has met and married the love of her life and I will never get them to leave Alabama.

My sweet, sweet brother and his family: A sister-in-law, niece, nephew and a beautiful little grand niece round out this beautiful family.

Although I am older, I depend on my baby brother for advice in all manner of issues. He looks out for me, protects me and always makes time for me when I reach out. I don’t see the rest of his family very often, they don’t live in Jacksonville any more. We try to see each other at holidays, but sometimes we are going in different directions and can’t work out the logistics. Life is too busy sometimes.

My Cousins – Momma’s side of the family: Janice and I lost touch way back in the 60’s. We reconnected a few years ago through Facebook. The three of us had a fabulous weekend in St. Augustine a couple of summers ago, which is hard to do since Marilyn lives in North Dakota, which is a very long way from Florida. I love them both so much and I am so grateful they are in my life. We need another cousin weekend soon. Love you both to the moon and back.

My Cousin Andrea: This is another cousin (from my daddy’s side of the family). Again, we lost touch back in the 60’s. I love Facebook because it was through a post I put there that I found her. We met for lunch and some shopping in St. Augustine a few months ago and once outside of Daytona. Unfortunately we all stay so busy it is very hard to get together. She has a beautiful daughter and two granddaughters that live in Germany. They are here visiting right now and I have been trying to find a day to get to Cocoa Beach but my schedule is very hectic these days. I am going to be very disappointed if I don’t make it.

More Cousins, Nieces and Grand Nieces:  It would take a very long time to list all of the new family I have in my life. I will say again…God is so good. After my parents and my older brother died and my daughter got transferred to Alabama, I was feeling rather low. Some cousins that I never knew live right here in Jacksonville and reached out to me on Facebook. It is a lot of fun getting to know them. I was pleasantly surprised to find one of them is a member of the church I joined in January. I get to see her a couple of times a week.

I now have four beautiful, talented, amazing grand nieces.  I am truly blessed that my daughter’s husband’s family in Alabama have all opened their hearts and brought me right into the family.  Special thanks to Kenny’s mom for sharing her grands with me.


Father, I just want to thank you so much for clarity of mind and that You are opening doors of opportunity for me to use the talents you have given me. Thank you also that you don’t give up on me when I let things fall to the side. Keep me focused on the work you have for me.

Thank you so much for my amazing family. Wrap your arms around them all and protect them from the enemy.

Thank you that I am Blessed Beyond Measure.


Today I am Grateful for:


I am so very grateful for how much God loves me. Also, I am amazed and grateful that He still loves me after all the mess-ups of my life.  It has taken a very long time, but I think maybe He is finally getting through my thick skull.

1 John 4-19 SW5

I do not know about you, but I have had a yo-yo relationship with God my entire life. I would like to blame that on the fact that I am an alcoholic (recovered, praise God), but I really cannot say that alcohol was always the catalyst for my chaos. I can do a pretty good job all on my own, even after almost 16 years of sobriety, of forgetting that my life really only works when I lean into God and ask for His help to face all the challenges of this world, and to praise Him for all He has done for me.

I just finished reading an amazing book, Broken into Beautiful by Gwen Smith. Plus I am reading another book Gwen wrote called I Want it All that is continuing to point me to an understanding of who I am in God’s eyes. Even at almost 68 years old, He still has big plans for my life.  In the next few weeks I will share info on a project I began over thirty years ago that God is nudging me to complete.  Prayers appreciated that this time I will stay the course and for protection from the lies of the enemy.

I love you all!


Today I am Grateful for:

image2017 has started with a bang for me…good and bad…but I am lifting praises for all of it. I was very sick starting New Year’s day.

Major testing done yesterday – waiting on results. Short version biopsies still not back. I have an ulcer + + +. If malignant will have surgery. Surgeon has already been called in. He is being very proactive.

I am very impressed with the team of medical professionals taking care of me. 15873458_10154374580313460_9210623248237924178_nBTW I had a Nuclear Scan today and I am radioactive for next day and a half. I wonder if I will glow in the dark tonight!

Feeling better tonight than I have all week. Thank you for your prayers. God works in mysterious ways – lots of praise to share of how He has worked things out in several areas of my life since I turned it all over to Him Monday morning. Will share more later. Suffice it to say God’s got my back!


Father thank you for always being ready to step in when I finally let go of issues that are beyond my control.

Thank you for amazing team of medical personnel that are my team trying to resolve this issue, starting with my primary care doctor who was spot on in her diagnosis and for her insisting I go to the emergency room Wednesday.  Without her prodding I might not still be here.  Especially bless all the nurses, technicians, volunteers and support staff who work in hospitals.  Without them things would surely be a mess.

Father, God, thank you so much for how your hand has worked so many amazing things out while I lay here in the hospital unable to deal with things myself.  

I love you!  Amen.