The Throne

The Throne

As I approach the Throne I try to clear my mind
of all the days annoyances and troubles of all kind.
To come into the presence of the Holy One, my Lord,
I always start my journey by reading from His word.

As I read how much He loves me, my cares all melt away,
and then my praise takes over, there’s so much I want to say.
Jesus, Jesus, my High Priest, the One who paid the price
by giving of Yourself, a sinless, spotless life.

Your blood paid all the price that needed to be paid,
once again I ask you Lord, to lead me on my way.
Now as you intercede and clear the way for me,
I can come into God’s presence, clean and blemish free.

As I come ever closer to the Throne of God above,
my spirit is refreshed again – I’m surrounded by His love.
I lift my praises high again in never ending awe,
that I so undeserving am welcome here at all.

In the presence of the Holy One I always am amazed
at my God’s magnificence and at His wondrous grace.
This Throne Room is so marvelous and I know with peace of mind,
that God will be there for me, forever and all time.

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