I wish I could tell you when I wrote WORDS, but alas I have no idea. Heather was very small as I remember. This little conversation with God just goes to show how many times He forgives us for not giving Him our all. I have come and gone in and out of commitment my whole life. Oh but thank goodness He is always faithful to His promises and welcomes me home again.


If I could put it in words God, what would they be?
The beauty I saw Monday, was it just a tree?

The first of the year a beginning for sure,
oh thank you dear Jesus finally, yes finally a cure
for frustration, confusion, nerves and unrest,
the peace that came over me…God how I’ve been blessed.

I think of my child, through her I’ve come back
to work for you Jesus oh faith that I’ve lacked.
For years I’ve ignored you, never even called your name.

Dear Jesus forgive me, will I ever be the same?

Guide me and love me and fill me with joy,
pour out Your blessings, oh let me never toy,
with my life or my talents the gifts that you gave
forever dear Jesus I’ll use for your praise.

This verse it appears has no end in sight,
I’ll love you my God for the rest of my life.

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