Today I am GRATEFUL For:


Faith: During the Christmas holidays, I was so blessed to visit my daughter and her husband in Alabama. More about this later.

When I make the trip to visit them, I break the travel into two half-days each way, allowing me time to visit with a dear, sweet friend who lives just about halfway between Jacksonville and Mobile.  I so love spending time with Carolyn, as she understands me more than most, warts and all, and loves me enough to keep helping me as I struggle to put myself back in a right relationship with God. I can share anything with her.

Of all the people I have known in my life, Carolyn has the most beautiful walk with the Lord I have ever witnessed. I constantly learn from her. When I was there at Christmas she made a comment that stopped me short.  One day she mentioned she was blessed with the gift of faith. Since this has been something I have thought about often over the last 40 years (trying not to be jealous of her walk), I wondered if it was all right to pray for this specific gift.

Throughout my life I have struggled to stay strong when the enemy attacks.  I understand that whenever I am beginning to do what I believe I have been called to do, the attacks get stronger.  I have not done a very good job of resisting – he always knows exactly how to defeat me.

As I research the Gifts of the Spirit on the internet, I find a wide variety of opinion regarding this subject.  This is going to require a great deal of study on my part.  In the meantime, I am choosing to pray specifically for the gift of faith and for a heart of understanding as the Holy Spirit continues to show me new truths in God’s Word.

God’s Forgiveness: Thank goodness that no matter how often I fail, He is faithful to forgive.  I realized today a very big area I need to work on — my temper and frustration in traffic.  Getting angry at a driver that moved into my lane as I was trying to merge onto the interstate this morning on the way to church could have robbed me of the joy I experienced in bible study and church. I quickly realized the enemy’s hand in the incident, rebuked him, and asked God to forgive me for my anger.  Just as quickly as my joy was stolen, God restored me to the right frame of mind to experience the study, praise and worship in peace and joy.  Thank you Jesus!

Bible Study: I want to remind you of an upcoming online bible study that you can participate in wherever you may be.  Check it out at





Today I am GRATEFUL for:

My New Church Home: I have been searching for a church to call “home” for a long time. Praise God He led me to exactly the right place at exactly the right time. I don’t believe I have ever been in a friendlier church. I have been welcomed with open arms and hearts and just could not be happier.

Christian Women’s Ministries: I follow several Women’s ministries and am constantly amazed that the things they write in their blogs, newsletters, bible studies and books always seem to hit right at home.

Currently I try to faithfully visit the Girlfriends in God website to start my day with their words of encouragement and sharing of their own walks with God, their successes and failures. Their devotions always lift me up, remind me of truths I may have forgotten, and teach me new things about living an abundant life in Christ.

On March 5, 2018 I will begin a six week online bible study led by Gwen Smith called I Want it All. Visit Gwen’s website to read more about it and find out how to sign up for this exciting study. To date there are over 7000 women already signed up and there are still three more weeks before the study begins.

If you purchase the book for the study, I Want it All from this link, I will receive a small commission.

Childhood Buddies: I have just had two great weeks with my best friend from first grade. She has been visiting from Colorado Springs. We are having our fiftieth high school reunion this June, so I think the fact that we have remained best friends for this long is kind of amazing. Love ya to the moon and back, Jenna.

Speaking of high school reunions, I am on the decorating committee and am getting more excited every day. #ramsgreat68


Abba Father, I am so very blessed that you led me to my new church home. What an amazing Ash Wednesday service and Communion we shared tonight. Lead me to my place of service in this fellowship.

Thank you so much for directing me to Godly women who love you and are willing to share their walk with you with others. Thank you for lifetime friendships. 

Forgive me where I have fallen short today. Open my eyes to see where you want changes in my life. 

Teach me, Holy Spirit. Help me grow daily in my understanding of the remarkable life God has planned for me.

A special prayer tonight for my dear friends that are facing the hardest time of their lives; one at the loss of a child and others as family and friends prepare for one to come home to You.  Please, Father be with the families of all affected by the tragedy in south Florida today.  

Thank you Jesus for how very much you love each and every one of us. I love you and adore you.


Today I am Grateful for:

image2017 has started with a bang for me…good and bad…but I am lifting praises for all of it. I was very sick starting New Year’s day.

Major testing done yesterday – waiting on results. Short version biopsies still not back. I have an ulcer + + +. If malignant will have surgery. Surgeon has already been called in. He is being very proactive.

I am very impressed with the team of medical professionals taking care of me. 15873458_10154374580313460_9210623248237924178_nBTW I had a Nuclear Scan today and I am radioactive for next day and a half. I wonder if I will glow in the dark tonight!

Feeling better tonight than I have all week. Thank you for your prayers. God works in mysterious ways – lots of praise to share of how He has worked things out in several areas of my life since I turned it all over to Him Monday morning. Will share more later. Suffice it to say God’s got my back!


Father thank you for always being ready to step in when I finally let go of issues that are beyond my control.

Thank you for amazing team of medical personnel that are my team trying to resolve this issue, starting with my primary care doctor who was spot on in her diagnosis and for her insisting I go to the emergency room Wednesday.  Without her prodding I might not still be here.  Especially bless all the nurses, technicians, volunteers and support staff who work in hospitals.  Without them things would surely be a mess.

Father, God, thank you so much for how your hand has worked so many amazing things out while I lay here in the hospital unable to deal with things myself.  

I love you!  Amen.