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Today I am GRATEFUL for:

11537709_10153035808408460_8980665700301373293_nI have been working on my personal statement of faith since reading about one man who wrote his and read it each morning for the rest of his life. This is my start. It may change as the Holy Spirit reveals more to me, but for now, reconfirming what I believe each day helps me focus my direction for the day.

I am sharing this here for two main reasons

  1. that it might inspire others to take the time to clearly quantify and qualify what they believe…in this world today, we must be prepared to know what we stand for and perhaps are asked to die for
  2. I have a quick reference place to get to it every day as I start my prayer time

My Personal Statement of Faith


  • I believe God is and always was.
  • I believe God is self-existent. He has no beginning and no end.
  • I believe God is the one true God.
  • I believe God Is the Creator of all things in heaven and earth.
  • I believe God is revealed as a Trinity – one Being who exists in three Persons — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • I believe God is the Redeemer of mankind.
  • I believe God is directing my life as I yield myself to him
  • I believe God is the Lover of my soul
  • I believe God’s love never falters
  • I believe God wants my love and for me to put him first in my life
  • I believe I matter to Him, individually and personally

The Lord Jesus Christ

  • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ is God.
  • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ is one part of the Trinity.
  • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God.
  • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ chose to leave Heaven for my sake.
  • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ was born of a virgin.
  • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ lived a sinless life.
  • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ performed many great and wonderful miracles while on this earth.
  • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ chose to take my place and die on the cross to pay the price for my sins.
  • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ loved me so much that He endured unspeakable pain, humiliation and suffering so that I could spend eternity in the presence of our Father, Creator.
  • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on a hill called Golgotha.
  • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ was buried in a borrowed tomb.
  • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead after three days and showed Himself to His followers before ascending to Heaven to take His place at the right hand of God.
  • I believe I owe Him everything and I will strive today to follow His example and live according to His will for my life.
  • I believe the Lord Jesus Christ continues to intercede on my behalf, making my way clear to be in God’s presence

The Holy Spirit

  • I believe The Holy Spirit is God.
  • I believe The Holy Spirit is one part of the Trinity.
  • I believe The Holy Spirit speaks to me and directs my daily life – I must be willing to listen.
  • I believe The Holy Spirit intercedes for me and speaks my prayers when I am at a loss as how to pray
  • I believe The Holy Spirit shows me the truth about Jesus. He is my friend, guide and teacher, my way to understanding what I need to know about Jesus and the Father and what They desire from me and for me.
  • I believe that through The Holy Spirit doors will open and close to direct my path, if I am willing to open my heart and mind to the direction of the Holy Spirit. It is through His leading that I may become an effective follower.

I believe that

  • God loves my family even more than I, if that is possible. I believe they are completely wrapped in His care and protection and I thank Him humbly for that fact every day.
  • God desires for me to share Him with the world. He does not expect me to be a great orator or preacher or teacher. I am not a healer. But what He wants from me is that every person I meet should experience His love and grace and kindness through my words and my actions. I so often fall short of this, but I am working on it.
  • God has given me a powerful weapon against evil; prayer. With prayer I can defeat evil.
  • If I can relax and have faith, I can move mountains.

Now, today, I restate my beliefs and have spent time in God’s presence so I am confident that I can go forth boldly, knowing He’s got my back. Therefore I will step out in faith, enjoying everything and everybody that crosses my path, trusting in His plan for me.

Today I am GRATEFUL for:

2014-08-02My beautiful friends. This one is Gilli, who has been a very special part of my life for about ten years now. I am so very grateful that God brought us together. You don’t know how important you are to me. I love you dearly.

Technology. I have been going through old photographs that I have on my computer. It’s very nice that when they were stored electronically they have the date and time they were taken which is a big help in organizing them. I do get sidetracked though when I start looking through them. They bring back a lot of great memories, and even some sad ones, but each one is precious. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Learning new things. I am going through class schedules for the fall semester at UNF trying to decide what I want to take. Now that I am physically doing better there are a couple of art classes I would like to take again. But my number one choice, which right now is Digital Photography, I have not taken before. Here’s praying there is a space available.

Today I am GRATEFUL for:

Praise Gratitude and Joy!1. My very talented daughter, Heather, who takes amazing photographs.  You will see her work throughout this blog.

  1. Watching God work across multiple people, places and things to tell a consistent message.  All day yesterday I kept seeing blog posts, twitter messages and Facebook messages about #gratitude and #praise.  You think He might be trying to tell us something?
  2. My friends who are giving me feedback on this blog as I am preparing to actually launch it publicly today.  It will be posting to Facebook, Twitter and here all at the same time.

4.  Have to add a 4th today.  I am so very GRATEFUL for the mind that God gave me and all that I have learned over the years about html and coding.  I had no idea about “blogging” before I started this last weekend while I was in Alabama, but all my study and learning on my own over the years certainly paid off.  Tell me what you think!